Artistic Modern Prefabricated Homes: Up-to-Date Mobile House Design

The prefab contemporary homes, often called as modern prefabricated homes, or the simply prefabs are residential categories of assembled/prefabricated house. The designer of residential communities like these just needs to setting up every piece of the processed house materials into unity, into perfect building. How the form of the realization? Are you interesting? Let’s check out these examples below!

Looking towards how the citizen of United Kingdom mostly occupies the prefabricated residences, we are going to talk about the UK contemporary prefabricated homes in general. We will start from the medium prefab house first. Located in the edge of a lake in pine forest, this super simple modern private home is created from glass, multilayered wood, and wood. Hmm├ó€¦ more simple, more modern! Equally located in the fringe, this white prefab small home is located exceedingly close with the shoreline. Parts of this mobile pod house divided into three parts; the bedroom, mini sitting room, and kitchenette.

Different with the previous two houses above, this large prefab house design is bigger and more luxurious. This modular house has Perrine-pod exterior design accompanied by the tropical theme. Next example is the Nest Box House by DSU. Actually, the realization of the house manufacturing still in progress, but the plan is amazingly looks quite perfect. Not just because you want a modern plush residence you cannot have friendly shelter. The Modecell Bale House has successfully actualized eco-friendly house in modern minimalist packaging!

The last sample is the most eccentric and artistic mobile house design. The capsule contemporary prefab house design is how this house has called. It is kind of mini private house which just contains of bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and dining room. Construction of this building is full of curved shape and arch from, finished with processed materials and glass. Of course, this is one of contemporary prefabricated homes UK that presents unpredictable shocking effects for the observers.