Beautiful Italian Design in Doria Interior

When someone visits Italy, an interesting view that will be seen is a house with Italian design. The design commonly applies in the building like house, church, office and others. The design looks so beautiful and chic interior design used. The example of the house which applies this design is called Doria. It is a great residence that is designed with contemporary design style. Italian style is used in the residence design. Doria can be found in the Turin, Italy. The great architect, Fabio Fantolino has beautifully designed this residence with the bright idea. It results in a stylish residence design.

This beautiful residence is decorated with natural concept. It can be seen in using white and black color. Italian house design reflects elegant and stunning interior design. The example is the décor in family room. The black sofa is put in this space. It faces the television that creates the comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere in that family. The white wall and floor is very clean and beautiful. The dining table is also well planned so it has gorgeous display. It is designed with wooden material with dark brown paint on the chair.

Natural lighting creates the warm and comfortable atmosphere in this residence. It is applied in the all of the house spaces. Let’s see on the pictures. The wall lamp looks so warm and romantic in this space. This lamp is then decorating the kitchen and living area. Besides that lamp, the kitchen is designed with all white colors. Blonde cabinet looks so beautiful with the white color. It is a bit different with the bedroom design. Contemporary design concept is applied in the private room. Semi minimalist design is the great concept in this bedroom which has been decorated with natural color like brown and white.

The ideas of the house design above are a really brilliant idea used by the architect. It has beautiful design concept as the Italian house design ideas that are applied in Doria can be a great reference for everyone.