Beautiful Urban House with Beautiful Architecture in Leiden, Netherlands

In Leiden, Netherlands you can find this urban house which looks different from the surrounding houses. Dominated with woods, but the house does not appears just as it is. If you passing by this house you will see the urban house exterior looks like a painting than a house the flowing of wood decor really looks beautiful and different.

Made by 24H Architects, the urban house design is specially design with adequate the resident needs. This three story house looks amazing from the outside and also in the inside. The vertical wood siding along with the suspended thin log make the house looks tall. The use of windows in every floor allows the sun light entering the house freely. Of course the flowing of wood exterior decor appears like growing stem add beautify that make the whole elements together.

Entering the urban home you will be welcoming by the small but spacious appearance room. Pore decorative walls look very different from the flat walls. It adds charms to the entire room. Since this house is located in quite dense area, you probably notice that there is no left out space outside the house. That is why the home garden is located inside. The indoor garden is located next to the kitchen and on the side of the stairs. It allows the sun entering the house through this section and in the same time gives bright impression from the glass walls that surrounding the indoor garden ideas.

The wood stairs that reaches to the upper floor is very safe and you can see it match beautifully with the decorative walls around. The stairs is actually a bit narrow but apparently is appears just as good as the other stairs. Mosaic tiles for the bathroom are surely looks different from the other room in the house. You can see that the wall shelves are very useful for keeping the toiletries without being clutters. Urban house design architecture like in these photos is surely giving you sightseeing about how beautiful urban home design could be.