Charming Industrial Loft: Speaks More than just a Home

Talking about industrial loft, you should look at the design that is made by Thank Balbek from 2B Group. Something fresh, unique and beautiful comes from this industrial loft apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. From this apartment it seems like the designer tries to make different perception of the natural material that is used.

As you can see in this industrial loft apartment images, the main room is dominated with concrete. The uncoated concrete is show off its pristine nature with grey tone which usually looks cold. But in this apartment, the use of concrete makes soft appearance. You can see the concrete ceiling along with the concrete walls and concrete pillars unites to make the industrial loft design appear strong and soft in the same time. You will be wowing with the contemporary living room design. The high ceiling living room give spacious atmosphere and you really can feel free in here.

Tall window designs allow the bright sun to entering the room and brighten up the room. To enhance the industrial ambience in the apartment, you can see the container room in the corner of the apartment, the red shipping container looks suit well in there. You might not notice what it is for at a glimpse, but if you open the door, there you can see that it is used for container bathroom. Do not imagine it as dark and dirty since actually this container bathroom design has contemporary bathroom design and using modern bathroom accessories.

But the most amaze me is the contemporary bathroom design inside this contemporary industrial loft. The Japanese bathroom theme is also located in this bedroom. The appearance of concrete ceiling unites very well with the wooden elements. The wooden flooring release warm ambience and the contemporary bedroom furniture look very cool. The combination of Japanese bathroom ideas inside contemporary bedroom with industrial touch really a unique industrial loft design ideas that you can copy.