Dazzling Retreat House with Eco Friendly Atmosphere

At a glimpse, this retreat house really looks fantastic. Located in Sentosa Island, Singapore, this Stereotopic House is used to be the harbor if you need someplace to run away from hectic daily life. Compromising contemporary home design with the upper side of the house is wider than the lower side of the house makes it looks beautifully floating. Pencil Office architect of the house mainly concern about the green living and green environment.

That is why the retreat house design is using eco-friendly house system such as cross ventilation and solar water heating. The use of floor to ceiling glass windows in the upper floor allows minimal electricity for lighting which will result in your electric bills. The contemporary house exterior decor is not only good to be seen. But it also has other function such as this wooden exterior in the upper floor. The wood can be turn and the air will flowing simultaneously and make fresh ambience. The floor to ceiling glass windows in the lower floor also allows you to enjoy the surrounding without have to be outside. Of course the sliding glass door also will give you space efficient.

You do not have to go for the beach to play with water since in your backyard the rich pool is very alluring. The white pool flooring makes the blue water really attractive. The water did not only exist in the backyard since the pool also stays in the side of the house. The greenery for the home garden looks very fresh and rejuvenating. Really show off its rainforest garden type. The sustainable use of wood also shows from the use of wooden roof which not only looks unique but also very useful.

The retreat house plans shows that this is actually a four story house, the basement, first floor, second floor and third floor. The third floor only used half of the venue which will give you the best scenery to the sea below. The glass railing seemingly eliminates the boundary between the outside and the inside of the house makes retreat house design architecture appears stunning.