Enchanting Retro Studio Room Design in Minimalist Concept

Modern living place means to get modern furniture in all corners of house, this retro studio room will give the great reference of contemporary and classic interior style. If homeowner already decided to use a certain theme, the rest details would about that design. And in this retro room, it has minimalist concept too. Brown wooden panels are installed to flooring surface, whereas wooden partition becomes Japanese style feature in completing design of retro theme. Moreover, retro characteristic itself is gained and seen from reclaimed wood in ceiling, which also has exposed concrete look on it.

Living room has modern concept yet in refreshing sensation. It has white leather sofas in fluffy cushions. Additional floor lamp in black stand and paper pendant paper makes a good lighting source for retro studio apartment. Long desk is added at corner which consists of light wood and black legs part. Fresh plant inside black vase is added on top of table. Meanwhile, coffee table put in front of sofa has same arrangement of light wood usage.

On the other side of sofa, there are some additional or extra seating plan. It consists of geometric shaped butterfly chair. The surface itself has soft cloth makes it possible for people to get comfy. Two upholstered stools in rounded form are also useful as it becomes a good base for lying feet. There is still executive armchair in white fabric material. Dining room has wooden table and chairs, along with potted flower and floor lamp.

Kitchen space has red tiles attached to wall surface, and island area is filled with gray countertop. There is light wood bookshelf embedded in red wall, where homeowner keeps their book collections with retro studio lights. And for bedroom, it looks like it has empty space yet it actually pairs bathroom and bedroom in one place. Bathtub of white ceramic is added with black counter to make it more stylish.