Exciting Tree House Ideas in Blending Nature Design and Theme

Traditional theme is what people usually perceive for tree house. The reason is simply due to usage of wooden materials, as its name alone implies. Located in Portugal, this wonderful Pedras Salgadas Eco Resort & Spa is built in form of tree snake with large canopy to make cool atmosphere. As the land is slightly sloping, wooden bridge connects it with main building, which actually floating in air and gets supported with strong pillars.

As mentioned before, bridge connects people from land to main house. Strong statement is achieved through concrete foundation and wooden panels as flooring surface. After that, metal fence is added as part of wooden guardrails in this tree house design. Entering main house is like a movie setting people usually see in Sci-Fi genre. White becomes main color for tree home theme, whereas some wood details are also added. This supports relaxing effect very well.

Let’s check out interiors inside. Unique shape of walls actually is main point of this house. It has white wood in large panels aligning with exterior shape outside. Tree home is functioned as additional living place. Therefore, there only is little space compared to actual residence. Flooring surface is then covered with gray carpet and even interior design is in white color choice. White desk and box benches are for people to get their work done in relaxing ambiance too.

At the end of room, bedding area is arranged. It is kept to simple theme as white bed sheet and pillows are put together under glass skylight in form of rectangular shaped thick glass material. Surrounding environment in this room needs thorough tree house plans. Leather cushions are added on top of white bench. Bed is placed facing large sized glass window so people are able to look at refreshing view from forest outside.