Fabulous Curtain Drapery: Creating Vibrant or Cool Ambience

In any home you definitely have windows and curtain drapery is one of your choices to keep extra lights from the outside. Not only to make the room a bit darker but the window treatment is actually can enhance the beautiful ambience inside the room. The drapes appearance looks sophisticated and sassy. Surely it feels different from the minimalist blinds.

But do not think that the curtain drapery ideas does not fit in the contemporary room design since the drapery for living room like in this photo look simple yet elegant with its white curtain drapes. The contemporary living room like this needs the windows drapery not only to create smooth shades of the sunlight but also to give privacy for people inside the room. The appearance of white drapery also can enhance the beauty of the room like in this modern dining room.

To give cool room appearance, instead of using bright color such as white or cream color, you should try for bolder look with darker tone. Notice the black velvet drapes in this room really make elegant appearance that can be seen in the royalty places. When you place the drapery above the windows, in the same time you also create taller effect to the room. The blue silk drapes makes wowing appearance in this room. Notice the shiny appearance over white windows and white walls which make the curtain look stands out.

Of course for more sassy appearance, you can choose patterned drapery over plain color drapery. Why? It is obviously with pattern the room will appear more vibrant. The ethnic drapes or geometric pattern curtain drapes will give you something more than just plain. For merrier drapes pattern, maybe you should look at this Chinese inspired floral drapes. With green basic color, the floral theme looks pops up and makes beautiful appearance in the room. If looking for more window curtain drapery ideas for your house or apartment, just browse below photos.