Fabulous Home Interior with Humor Decor

The home interior can be created by decorating the rooms. The interior must be beautifully decorated in stylish design concept. Many home décors are created so seriously. Sometimes, it is needed a funny or humor décor in the house. The purpose is to entertain the people in the home. There are many examples that will be found below. The first is the interior decoration by the brilliant architect, Jonathan Adler. He has designed amazing humor décor in the room of this home. It can be a great reference for everyone.

The humor décor of Jonathan always makes the people smile. It can be applied as home interior design for other houses. The picture below will show you how funny the décor used in the home. First is the cartoon which faces the headboard. The humor décor makes everyone on the room smiles. It is also a beautifully designed decoration in a bedroom. The second is the wall décor in the kitchen. The art of the swimmer is designed really well on the kitchen wall. It describes a humor sense when the mother is cooking. It asks to not really serious when you are cooking in the kitchen. It actually needs humor sense in order to avoid the stress in the kitchen.

Besides the home décor, there is also animal humor design that can be applied in the private house. The example is the three ducks on the table. The idea is created by Koch Architects. It looks so fabulous placed on the wooden table. Jonathan Adler also designs animal humor. He is designed a zebra on the dining table. It will surprise everyone when they are having dinner together. But, it looks so fabulous design that is suitable with interior design in the dining area.

There are many interior designs in the home that can be decorated with humor sense. The examples above are brilliant idea used. The home interior design idea above also can be a great reference for everyone.