Gorgeous Modern Residence Transformed From Public Library

There is a brilliant idea of an architect that has transformed a public library into a modern residence. The architect is known as Jessica Helgerson Interiors Design. The residence is renovated from the old library. It seems sometimes like a beautiful residence and other time, people will not know that it is a transformation from the old library. Although the residence is designed with traditional touch, it looks so modern with beautiful interior design. The residence is located in Sellwood, Portland.

The beautiful residence has been successful in transforming the public library into the current building. The modern residence designs are the great way to create the new look of the building. It can be proved by the pictures below. Now, let̢۪s see the pictures. The exterior of the residence looks so beautiful in which the traditional touch is really strong. It can be seen in the using of the wooden material. The interior of this residence is also beautiful and attractive. It can be seen in the high ceiling design. The interior of this high ceiling makes the spaces in the room feels so fresh and spacious. Open floor of the residence design is applied in the kitchen, living room and the dining area.

The other gorgeous interior furniture used in the residence is the bookshelf design. It looks so gorgeous and neat for the books. It shows the owner is an academic people. In the same space, there is a fireplace. It is hung on the side of the unique sofa. It can create the warm atmosphere at the cold season. The red rug and sofa look so stylish in that space. They decorate the space so it looks interesting and enhancing.

A bit different with interior in the other rooms, a bedroom is designed with white ornament. All white is painted in the private room such as bed, wall, and ceiling. The design of the residence is really perfect with modern residence interior ideas that is reflected in the whole space.