Heartwarming Tropical Plants for a Chilly Season Home Decor

Green centerpiece of tropical plants is always an exciting and exotic decoration for a home, especially in seasons when their sight is an absolute impossibility. Take winter for example, how many plants do we see are still green in color unless they are a Pine? How about in autumn? While it is beautiful to see a rain down of red leaves onto the ground, some of us who still refuse to let go of summer wishes for those leaves to stay at least a while longer. Well if you’re one of those types, there’s a solution for you. Contact your local florist ahead of days and arrange to order a tropical plant for you.

Some tropical plants are able to be grown indoors even during winter as long as there is a proper heating and sunlight. Mock sunlight is fine to keep these indoor tropical plants alive. If keeping them alive is a little too troublesome and you prefer to have a cut one, that’s fine too. The Swiss cheese plant leaf or more scientifically known as Monstera Deliciossa has a leaf that can live for more than 10 days without wilting. For a cut plant decor in a chilly fall or winter season, this is one option to choose from.

The next idea is to have an exotic King Protea to sit on a small contemporary vase. Not only does this flower will remind you of the joy of warmer seasons, it’s also bursting with warm colors. Imagine having a fresh one garnished on your dining table, kitchen counter, or breakfast table. It is truly a marvelous treat for the eyes and the heart.

If small plants do not suit your interest, then having a larger tropical plant on a large vase may solve your problem. There are so many different types of plants to choose from. One of them is mini indoor palm trees. You can also choose your own flowers from the florist and have them built into a very special bouquet.