Interesting Greenhouse Design with Natural Concept

Singapore’s greenhouse design is very interesting. The house is really comfortable to be stayed in. There is a great example of Singapore’s greenhouse which is designed by K2LD Architect. The house is beautifully designed by the creative idea of the architect. The interior and exterior is designed with modern look which seems comfortable to be stayed by happy family.

The house is surrounded by the natural green. This very stunning building with greenhouse design ideas also allows trees to be planted around the greenhouse. Its purpose is to create a natural atmosphere in the house. The metallic exterior is applied in the house. It can be seen on the wall design as it can look really modern and even futuristic. Green color is applied on the wall design of this three floor house. The big glass window is also created in the greenhouse. It stands in the large area so it is easy to create green atmosphere surrounding the house.

The plants are not only planted surrounding the house, but also it is created in the top floor balcony. There are some plants in this area. It is really green and natural concept of the house. The lower floor of the house is also beautifully designed. There are many spaces such as kitchen, living room and car garage. They are designed with natural color like white color paint. The contemporary touch can be seen in using the contemporary furniture like sofa, table and other. Combination between brown and white color looks so beautiful and modish interior design. Besides that’s all there is also modern furniture used in the house. The example is the great lamp that is hung over the dining table. The design of the lamp is very awesome décor. The chair and dining table are also so stunning with black color.

It looks so interesting design that is applied in the greenhouse in Singapore. This comfortable house is felt really natural in its atmosphere. The modern greenhouse design ideas used in the Singapore’s greenhouse above are brilliant idea anyway.