Minimalistic Italian Design for Home Interior by Fabio Fantolino

Refined and sleek are the two qualities stressed by designers of Italian designs. Such is also the case with Doria residence in Turin, Italy. Designed by Fabio Fantolino , the home strives to keep a modern and sophisticated atmosphere while at the same time keep a minimalist approach. Draped in neutral colored backdrop of whites, the home is open to any form furnishing choice.

Fabio wishes to add dimension onto the home, and so to avoid keeping a mundane all-white interior while still keeping it majorly so, a few bits of browns are added in as furniture. In the living room of this Italian interior design, in front of the television set, sits a chocolate brown sofa against a dark brown wall background. Beside it, a cream colored rug and cushioned brown seat stretch in front of the window frames. Several other additions such as the wooden table and six wooden chairs can act as a study table as well as a dining table.

Moving into the kitchen, the small space does not deter its neat presentation and large storage. Overhanging cupboards, counter spaces, as well as shelves offer an abundant spacing for spices, kitchen wares, and other dining accessories. The kitchen sink and the gas oven are strategically divided by the placement of a cutting counter.

When night time comes, the white walls will become a warm color of beige from the lighting that has been done for the room. This house especially has a fascinating kind of lighting from its ceiling of its master bedroom. From the ceiling of the master’s bedroom there hangs a tic-tac-toe board like structure. This structure is actually a lighting form. Each of the sticks represents a light that offers a very romantic glow. The Italian home interiors’ also equipped with a walk-in closet in the master’s bedroom.