Stunning House Renovation: Mix and Match the Old and New

Choosing to live in an old house will require you to have house renovation. But in the same time, when the house is filed with heritage and you want to keep some things that way, then you will definitely need some house renovation tips. That way you can live in modern era while still preserving the classic appearance.

The Fitzroy House in Victoria, Australia can give you some example of what Techne Architects are dealing and solving with the old house renovation. As mentioned above, some keep, and some lose. In this new contemporary house you will see the upper side of the house is left open with the rustic log which is used to be the ceiling still intact. You can see the wood grain on the log looks fantastic in combination with the new wood siding. The top lounge area is perfect for entertaining family and friends where you going to experience the beauty of the surrounding from top. The swing egg chairs is hanging from the log and the bean chairs on the floor will be great for kids and adults.

Since this house will be a sanctuary for its owner, then the coziness and simplicity with artistic touch is welcome. The colorful garden in the back of the house looks pretty and adds charm to the house. In the contemporary living room where the subtle tone is dominated, the addition of vivid yellow throw pillows and the blue table lamp make liveliness impression.

The minimalist kitchen behind the living room is connected to the outdoor. This will make any party easier since the guest can enjoy the food and drinks whether they are inside or outside the house. You also can see the extension kitchen table with wheel is available to be kept inside. More classis home decor can be seen in the formal dining room where you are going to find the wall is covered with classic wallpaper, fireplace, classic carpet beneath the dining table and the suitcase decor in the corner of the room. The transformation of this house will be great old house renovation ideas that you can copied.