Stunning Modern Home with Pool Indoor

Living in a modern home can be pleasure and interesting. The home is important place for the people in life. The home must be beautifully and well planned because the home is a place to do many activities such as gathering with happy family, sleeping and spending many quality times.

This beautiful home is reflected by fashionable interior design used. It is because modern home interior must be designed as beautiful as possible. The example of this is a home designed with modern look. It is located in Jln Angin Laut, Singapore. This beautiful home is designed by Hyla Architects who successfully make this home look beautiful because it displays the stunning interior design. It can be seen in many areas of the home. The beautiful pool which is aside the terrace also has a great design. The pool looks so stunning and luxurious. The pool is also designed with eco-friendly concept that enhances the elegant design. It can be seen in some plants that are planted near the stunning pool.

The indoor pool, the lounge and living room area are also designed so stunning interior design. The lounge is on the second floor has gorgeous visual since the big wall window is installed overlooking the stunning exterior. The interior in the space is painted in white ornament. It looks so clean and beautiful anyway. Whereas, the living room space is also designed with white interior design. The wall and sofa is full of white tone. The elegant living room is located near the indoor pool that can welcome the guest who visits the private home.

The modern touch can be seen in almost all spaces in the home. It is found in the blonde cabinet set in the kitchen. The modern home interior design is really applied in the beautiful home above.