Wonderful Knitted Furniture Ideas for Decorations

This kind of activity, or knitting, mostly makes people think about their grandma sitting on a chair while knitting something. In this case, revive childhood memory by bringing back knitted furniture as main choice for rooms’ spotlight style. Who does not know the special feature of knitted items? Most common example is for armchairs in gray knit and has tubular chains on top of metal frame. Light wood table is simple added as side table, along with tubular pouf in purple and pinkish tones.

Being simple may be not enough for modern people that loves luxurious look. But, consider knitted furniture patterns of simple yet accentuates its function in aligning all colors mixed. Black velvet sectional sofas are topped with white and dark green throw pillows create chic effect. White carpet rolled under has green pattern too, and black table with glass surface then.

Other than furniture, knitted decor can be placed in form of blanket and pillow sheets for bedding area. In order to make peaceful nuance, it is better to combine white bed with ivory knitted blanket. Do not forget to bring white pouf at foot of bed as well. Home is place to get rejuvenated, and thus bean bag in white knit is a perfect item. Bean bag can be shaped in cat form too, adding artistic effect to the room, along with fluffy carpet and minimalist place.

Knitted style furniture also can mean covering up items in house. In this case, wooden stools are covered with the knitted feature, for instance top part or legs to make shoes for this tall stool. Chairs or sofas can be covered in full installation that boosts up appearance of surrounding room too. For stylish knitted furniture decor, try adding knit to lamps or pendant light to make a brand new definition of decoration.