Adorable Contemporary Home Architecture For Unique Residence

The contemporary home architecture has some wonderful design. Modern life makes people have to have high creativity. This creativity is used for created innovation. Because of development in science and technology encourage people create innovation. Unique residence can be built by innovative designer. Unique residence will make the owner feel pride on their dwelling place. Unusual residence is created by Boetzkes and Helder. This amazing residence is located in Arnhem, The Netherland. Creative designer build this home by high creativity. Efficient design gives powerful modern design to the house.

Exterior design of the home is look unique. Unusual design is embedded on exterior home design. Exterior contemporary home architecture designs are created in cube shape. Black color in exterior design absorbs much sunlight than others. Diagonal pattern on the exterior makes its color change follow the sun position. Cube shape makes the home look very simple from the outside. Windows are embedded in the corner of the building. This home location is among the green plant. Large area around the home is interesting, because the home look special and far from other homes. Large glass window is embedded on the back of the home. This window let the sunlight come into the house.

Opposite with the exterior, interior home design has bright color. Bright color keeps inside the room bright. Bright room will give positive atmosphere to the home. Wooden wall is created in one of the wall side. This wooden wall gives natural sense to the home. Combination of bright color and wooden material make the room look elegant. The home is built by two levels. Wooden stair link the first and second floor. Simple design of stair makes the room look elegant.

Many variations are available to build the modern home design. Creativity of the designer is challenging for make the new style of modern home. Unique modern design will be created wonderfully. Unusual design and comfortable living will be come true. Modern home architecture plans is important for creating comfortable unique home design