Beautiful Modern House with Oblique Garden

House 2P is a modern house project by SANGRAD and AVP Arhitekti collaboration in 2012. Situated on sloping land in Zagreb, Croatia, this two family house has terraced construction with white wall cover up the exterior of the building. The installation of glass wall and a rooftop patio accentuate the open concept with luxuriant sloping garden of this residence. Because of its oblique condition, the architect applies stairs both inside and in the garden outside the building. Big and historical houses surround this house and instead give an awesome panorama.

The oblique land gives many advantages and also disadvantages. Floods will not happen to this building with modern house design but one thing to concern is landslide. The luxuriant and strong trees will guard houses in sloping land from landslide because of their strong root on the ground will keep the land and avoid them from frictions. That’s why it is important to keep the trees grows around the building.

Slope land make this terraced house has many stairs inside. This house also apply white wall inside the building besides using it as the exterior. The plain white give clean and wide look. And it is suitable for tight houses. But this house, even it is spacious, white color cover the wall and the stairs in this house. Dark wooden floor balancing the sharp white and make this house looks warmer.

That stairs with glass wall lies in the middle of the kitchen with white cabinets and steel furniture decorate that spacious room. Beside the kitchen, there is a living room with ancient wooden cabinet and white sectional sofas overlook to glass wall with wide sight outside. The stairs connect to corridor in other floor level but it has different wooden steps with iron frame stair side. It also has glass wall overlook to the garden. This kind of stairs is a great decoration for adding modern house design ideas for much kind of house styles.