Cool Bookshelves for Cozy and Comfort Reading Activity

My niece wanted to have her own bookshelves, but she looked for cool bookshelves look. She wanted the unique bookshelves look. She also wanted the look to represent her as the youth. Of course, it should be modern style. Moreover, the modern style would have various designs. The designs usually derive from everything found. Then, the shape usually imitates the unusual things. Of course, it will look very futuristic. I thought that perhaps the bookshelves should be designed by her. Thus, she could get the wanted design.
Looking Up for Information

My niece told me to help her finding the bookshelves. Of course, I asked her for the details. First, I asked her where she will place the bookshelves. It will influence the color, size, and even shape, for example she wanted to place the under stair bookshelves, surely she should measure the space under the stairs. Second, I asked her about the shape and design. As mentioned previously, she obviously wanted to have modern design, but some people tend to have conventional shape. That was why I asked her. In fact, she did not mind to have the unusual shape like eight shape bookshelves or rounded wheel bookshelves.
What to Do

After she listed the detail information, she found the idea for her own. She wanted the cozy and comfort place to explore the book. Since this activity is the exciting moment for her, she should feel convenient. She decided to have brown wooden bookshelves bench. This kind of bookshelves is the combination of bookshelves and sofa become one. Thus, she could reach the book easily. Then, she thought that the bookshelves will not keep many books there. So, she wanted the additional bookshelves. She chose white hive bookshelves aside the bookshelves bench.

Moreover, she also wanted to place the other furniture near that place. She wanted to place the red chair to make the room colorful. She put the glass sitting lamp there to give the light when she is reading the books. To make her more comfort, she placed the stripped cushions on the sofa. Moreover, the lighting would not only for sitting lamp, but she also installed hidden lamps above the her place.