Functional Basement Apartment With Brilliant Interior Design

Designing a basement apartment can be a very interesting though challenging. The challenge for decorating the basement is the space that relatively small to be filled with necessary furniture. The need to fill the apartment with functional furniture is to grant the utility of this apartment as a space to live. However, some projects have proven this difficult challenge. The projects do not only aim at the functionality of this tiny space but also at the beauty design of this basement.

Filling the basement with colorful decorations and furniture is a good idea. The concept of colorful basement has been applied in the first picture. In this design, the limited space of a basement is utilized as a lounge and also a kitchen. The design is very minimalist but it is enlivened by colorful furniture and decoration. The basement apartment ideas result in comfortable and functional room to support your daily business. The other useful addition is the wall attached shelves. Not only beautiful, the shelves are also useful and efficient as they are not taking much space.

Besides the functionality, this apartment design shows a modern concept of interior design. The vivid painting which is applied to the wall and ceiling enhances the minimalist style which becomes the soul of this concept. The minimalist concept can be seen from the furniture selection. The red sofa and blue lounged chair can provide the colorful vibe inside the bright wall color. The orange accent which applied on the wall above the counters also makes this longue and kitchen look livelier.

The next picture of a well-designed apartment emphasizes on the functionality besides the luxurious vibe. This small space is very well organized so it makes the room look very spacious. The soft suede sofa which is placed in this room is very useful because it can support the entire activity in this small office basement. The book shelve which is placed above the counter also saves the room capacity. Overall, the small basement apartment ideas of this apartment is brilliant since it will make you stay for hours with it comfort and practicality.