Glorious Black Interior with Crude Woods Furniture

Aupiais House is a project of a house with black interior by Site Interior Design, an architectural firm from Cape Town, in Camps Bay, South Africa. The owners are couple in a good reference of interior designs and have a plan to make over their newly purchased shell into a comfy home that adapted from the “Beach House” theme. And the designer has successfully decorated that shell into a home with black nuance that collaborate with natural crude woods elements.

This house contains three level floors with an outdoor terraces. Accentuating black interior design, the designer applies that black nuance on the wall, combine with dark sandstone flooring and concrete ceiling. White shades and grey curtains cover all the glass wall of the house and soften the sharp sun light from outside and its dark interiors of black walls and concrete ceiling reserve the light to make the rooms shady.

This house apply woods as the natural elements that support the warm look of this house and also give the brighter color accents. The most iconic wooden furniture is the arrangement of wooden beams for living table and personal seats too that combines with clear glass vase. It also uses woods as the backboard of grey sofas with black shade curved stand lamp, and harmonious combination of the woods as black wall mounted shelves that look amazing with wooden dolls accessories in living room and thread shading hanging lamps in the dining room.

The bedroom also uses woods as the bed’s base that connect as its headboard and ceiling above the bed for having a warm and tight sleep. Woods as curve chairs combine with black office desk and drum shape coffee table above knitted rug in front of glass wall with city view are also favored here. If you are attracted of these decorations, to make a stylish interior design, you could use grey wall and white cushions on the terrace to have a brighter side in your house.