Incredible Loft Apartment Interior with Striking Creative Touch

If you are considering yourself as a person with creative soul, this Canadian loft apartment would be a perfect inspiration for your living space. Located in Toronto, tis apartment wonderfully combines different styles, creating the eclectic style with unique impression. Not only stylish, this eclectic apartment is also designed with high respect to the coziness.

Walking into this apartment, you can see how the main living area is designed to be spacious in its open floor plan. Wonderfully tricks the limited space available, you can also see how this spacious loft apartment design perfectly fits for any ideal living space. Its interior is also done with generously use of white paint for instant bright and airy impression. However, it is not the only notable detail in this open living area.

Looking at the wall space, it is undoubtedly easy to notice the gorgeous exposed brick wall space, creating the eye-catchy contrasting look between clean white surface and this astonishing rustic detail. Not only providing instant accent for this open living area due the texture provided by the brick wall space, you can also see how this cozy open space provides earthy color warm atmosphere. The interior is also perfect base for the eclectic style throughout this room,

We also love how the meet of these two different styles may create a perfect visual interest for each of functional spaces. As you can see, the exposed brick wall space is seen on the cozy sitting space, which is equipped by modern furniture. Small yet displaying strong characteristic, we really lobe the contemporary bubble lamps in simple white color that contrasts the rusted brick wall space perfectly.

On the other side, there is an ultra chic and modern transitional dining space perfectly designed for two. This stylish space is designed with more modern style for the wall space, showcasing the clean white one decorated by dramatic monochromatic photographs framed in simple white frames. As you can see, this loft apartment interior design in modern style perfectly creates the same eye-catchy details despite the simple idea.