Lavish Modern Interior Behind the Doors of Singapore’s Green Metallic Home

Clad in copper, the green metallic home by K2LD Architects hides an impressive modern interior. The exterior of the house is made entirely from patina-aged copper metal plating. In comparison to the houses in the neighborhood, this house is a particularly unique sight. With its contemporary boxy structure which combines green and white as its exterior, this house provides an eccentric charm. Come inside and see the marvelous modern interior that will leave anyone wide agape.

Cool grace of modern sophistication sweeps you off your feet as you step on the cold and smooth texture of the marble floor. In this modern style interior, a large floor plan which uses the combination of white marble stone floor and wood. It is where warm and cold meets each other. Wood is continued to be built on the wall along with stone tiles, glass rails, and painted concrete. Truly, it has harnessed the tricks for a lavish modern interior. it is a marvelous shell design.

Large open spaces, tall ceiling, and compact furnishing organization become a primary feature to this home’s specialty. It gives the house an ample space for movement and breathing, perfect for large gatherings without taking too much of the house’s coolness. The home’s interior architectural organization is also neat and discreet, this giving privacy whenever necessary.

As for the decors, one of the main features in this house is the metal framed wooden staircase with a railing made of glass. It connects the first floor and the second to a personal home office. The second stair is found hidden beneath the wall and opens to another area of the second floor to the home’s more private areas. On the landing of this floor, a row of three large framed wall art is found. Several hanging lamps are hung from the ceiling to give the modern design interior a functional decorative piece.