Modern Zen Look Apartment Living Room

Apartment living room must be not really spacious. Then you just have to put the important things there like the couches and the rug, but the small space is not tend to be more not interesting to be decorate. The small space living room will really suitable to be trim with the Zen look that will make your living room in a natural sense of color and shade. You can use the natural material for the stuffs like bamboo, wooden stuffs, stony things and the indoor plants that will make the Zen look sorely felt there.

The wide window and the yellow bright chandelier or hidden lamps will help you to obtain the best Zen look in your living room. Then the sweet natural colors like all of the brown shade, cream, black, ivory, and the others natural colors will create such Zen look in your ideal small living room. The furniture that might enliven the Zen look is the one that made of wood, rattan or bamboo as well. Then just obtain it in a simple design remember that you want to make such modern look.
The Decorations and the Furniture

For the furniture you can set the sweet brown couches there together with the brown rug that will match to the stony brown wall or the grey shade in the wall as well. Then you can also set the natural coffee table that made of a piece of wood that formed a half-circle. For the floor just set it in white marble color to obtain blend sense in the living room as well. Make sure that your living room is near the wide windows, and then if it is located in the second or upper floor, you will easily obtain the best city view from there.
The Natural Sense

For the natural sense that you can obtain for the Zen look in your small living room is like the yellow bamboo partition, indoor plants, leafless tree branches that plugged to the white sand in a glass vase, and the sun shine that come across the room through the wide window is really suitable for the natural sense of the Zen look that you try to obtain in your living room apartment.