Outstanding Bathroom Design With More Natural Elements Applied

When you are looking at your bathroom design, what kind of feeling you can get? Are feeling refreshed, restful and relax? Well, everyday you have been forced to do the same daily routines and activities that will make you feel not only tired and bored, but can give you some stress feeling. You can maximize the function of each room you have in your home design, and one of them is your bathroom plan. It is kind of not easy to have some bathroom plan applied in the right design.

In this edition, we are very glad to share about how to decorate your bathroom design ideas that can give some refreshing and relaxing feeling for you and your family. It is all about bringing the natural elements inside your interior design. Granite stone, solid hardwood are very good for some functional furniture that can keep your stuff save, for the example bathroom table. Make sure also to choose some bright and light tones that will help you to enjoy the day.

The first bathroom is created by Eduarda Correa Arquitetura And Interiores. The themes of this bathroom is tropical, so no wonder that you will see some natural plants for the example mini palm tree, and also some tropical florals with bright tones that are arranged in this modern bathroom. There is one functional table with minimalist and modern design that is put just next to elegant and bold bath tub. This room is lighted by three glossy pendant lamps that are injected in the ceiling.

Ghe next bathroom plan you will see, has more sophisticated and modern loos, but with minimalist natural plants that are inserted to its design. Navy blue tones is selected for the ceramics r=that are covering most of the bathroom wall, beside the white tones that is dominating this modern bathroom. An ivory bathtub is accompanied by three mini plants in the window. We still have lots more to tell you, so just do not miss these Bathroom design pictures in our gallery.