Stone and Wood Homes Suitable for House in a Hill

A friend of my father wanted to build a house, and then he was interested in building stone and wood homes. Why it is so, his future house is located in a hill. Thus, it has fresh air and cold weather at once. Hence, he looked for the design that can overcome the situation. The situation and condition that might happen in a hill is cold weather mostly. Therefore, the people who live there have the specific home design. Then, they also build the house with particular materials that can create the warmer atmosphere.
Building the House

My father’s friend discussed the plan with my father. As said previously, he wanted to use stone and wood materials at once. He, then, discussed about the house shape first. As known that, modern designs have various house shapes. Then, most of all have the unique and unusual shapes. Therefore, my father’s friend should decide it first. To facilitate the choice, my father recommended choosing the roof top. He told my father that he was interested in building the triangle roof top.
More to Build the House

More than that, my father’s friend has decided the roof top. Then, he moved to arrange the wall. Since he wanted to encompass the stone and wood materials, he chose the minimalist brown stone to cover all the structure. Still, he wanted to install the red brick wall to give the accent. Hence, people would not feel bored to the appearance. He also added the glass wooden framed windows to complete the home design. Later on, he wanted to build a simple garden to make the house fresher. It would neutralize the use of stone and wood.

Furthermore, my father suggested his friend to make the garden like a savannah. It was because my father’s friend has spacious landscape. Then, it was available to make a spacious garden. To beautify the garden, he should plant the lawn. Of course, he should maintain the lawn. If it is not, the lawn would not grow well and healthy. The lawn would not take months to grow. It only needs several weeks to grow well. Therefore, the house will look stunning and extravagant.