Stone Bathroom Ideas for Romantic Style

My cousin wanted to build a bathroom for his wife, and then he came up with stone bathroom ideas. The reason why he chose the stone material for his wife is because his wife likes natural element including stone. He wanted to surprise his wife with the new bathroom. At that time, his wife has been in her travel business for several weeks. Before going to the travel business, his wife mentioned about having a new bathroom for the master bedroom. Then, my cousin got an idea to optimize the time to build a new bathroom.
What the Plan is

My cousin had time for only several weeks to build a new bathroom. Then, he should maximize the time to make a plan. He asked me to help him because I am female. He needed my advice as a woman. Surely, he could count me in. He started to find the theme. I suggested him to various themes. He saw the rustic outdoor bathroom, romantic bathroom, minimalist bathroom, simple bathroom, and modern bathroom. I personally chose the romantic bathroom. I thought that his wife might be delight to have this theme.
Set the Romantic Bathroom

My cousin started to list the furniture and the decorations. He needs the bath up, sink, shower bath, water closet, and the cupboard. To set the romantic bathroom, he chose the romantic brown marble bath up. Then, he built glass shower bath. He added the black square stone sink to complete the theme. Above the sink, he put a big mirror. To strengthen the utilization of stones, he applied the natural brown stone to the wall. Moreover, he wanted to set the accent, so he put the steel tiles in a line.

Moreover, romantic bathroom would be great theme. He tried to perfect this theme by arranging the lighting system and additional decoration. He added the floral wall lamps for two corners. Moreover, he could set the aromatherapy candles rounded the bathroom. He installed the fireplace near the bath up to give accent warmer. Moreover, his wife must be surprised to its new bathroom. She would not forget the surprise for the whole life.