Studio Apartment Designs Bring the House Inside

My sister wanted to build a studio apartment for her son, and then she looked for studio apartment designs. She wanted to get the apartment soon because her son would move there soon as well. She wanted to create the right design for the apartment. Since her son is still single, she wanted to build a bachelor apartment. It means that it would have all the activities in one big room. Hence, it would only be separated by partition. Moreover, it could also save the budgets for designing the apartment.
Think the Space

My sister likes something in simple and practical. Of course, she would realize that in the apartment design. She has chosen the small studio apartment for one person living. She started to measure the space. She drew the layout to calculate and measure the width and length. She divided the room to several room functions. She would design the apartment with typical rooms that a house has. She wanted to have living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom. She wanted to build a small house in an apartment surely.
Setting the Stuff

She began to set the living room. She placed grey leather sofa there with glass table. Moving inside the apartment, she built a small kitchen. She installed blue kitchen counters and blue European kitchen cabinets. She took blue accent to bring manly style there. Moreover, she placed the small dining table set there. She added the floral chandelier above it. Then, she put square wooden partition to separate the living room and the dining room with the bedroom. She added the wooden bed frame in double bed size.

After that, she put the various details to the apartment. She installed the wooden floor there. She put the grey carpet as well. For the windows, she installed the faux wooden blinds. It would be more efficient than installing curtain. It could be cleaned anytime. The cleaning is also easy. My nephew just needs to take it off and then clean it with warm water to remove the dust. Nevertheless, I thought that my sister would succeed to build a small house in a small apartment.