Twin Room for Girl in Cheery Mood

If you try to obtain the twin room, it is better for you to obtain the spacious room or it is better for you to obtain the bunk beds for you and your twin, because if you need the twin room you will need two beds there. Then two beds will really spend more space in the room. The benefits by using two beds in a room for twin is you can take your twin quality time in the bed time to share or just take a small pillow talk before go to sleep.

Then if you try to make over your room together with your twin, remember to always discuss it with your twin to obtain the best room that will satisfied your twin and of course you. Then the concept of the room usually takes in a soft colors room if you are girls. Then for boys usually take the bold colors that make the room more masculine. The lighting that you can use is the white bright light for the night and you can use the low light or dimmer for the bed time.
Coastal Charm Room for Twin

If both of you love beach and the sea sight and the other coastal look, it is better to set the room with the coastal charm. The coastal charm is easy to obtain in the souvenirs shop near the beach. You can set a sea shell clock or the white sand beach in the plate shape in a shell to put your hair accessories, and then just put it in your vanity desk. You can also stick the start fish shape decorations in your wall and the paintings of the beach there. For the wall, you can set it in a light blue and white for the floor.
Girly Room for Twin

Then if you try to obtain the room more girly, you can try to change the wall into the soft colors like soft pink, soft purple or soft blue. Then for the floor set it in a pale wooden floor for the sweet sense there. Then just give the bed and the bed stuffs in a white with a few soft colorful things there. For example, you can set the cushion in a soft pink, soft purple or soft blue. Then set a side of the wall of into a silhouette flowery that has a background color in a soft colors, then your girly look room for twin is ready to use.