Unique Bathroom Interior with Minimalist Look

Bathroom is a place where we can spend our quality time with yourself, and then you will really need the unique bathroom interior to make you comfortable to linger there. Comfortable is really relative, but I think the most comfortable unique bathroom that most people enjoy their “me time” is in the minimalist look bathroom. Beside the bathroom can make your “me time” more qualified, the minimalist look can easily to clean and feel tidier than the other look. Moreover, minimalist look is really suitable to be combined with most colors.

Just obtain the best stuffs that might ease you to spend your time in the minimalist unique bathroom. You might really need the wide mirror to check yourself there after take a bath or just for shaving your beard. Then you might need some natural touch like a vase of flowers and can also make the bathroom have a window sight to be enjoyed while you are bathing. You can count the stars, see the sun set, or see city light view while bathing. If you need to listen your favorite music while bathing, you can also put the mp3 player there that already connected to the speaker.
Additional Stuffs for Unique Bathroom

Then, remember that your unique bathroom is where you can spend your “me time”, of course it will take a little bit long time. Then you can just put a portable cell phone there. You can also design your bathroom connected to the closet or even the walk in closet to make you easier to dressing up after taking a bath. Then you can also put your favorite stuffs there like paintings that might inspire you or the quotes that might really give you the spirits and everything that might give you the passion.
Setting of the Bathroom

The shades that usually really match to minimalist theme is the natural colors like black and white, blue marine, lime green, citrus yellow or the other natural colors that might make your mood perfectly in the bathroom. Then for the stuffs, just set it like the mood that already exist there. Do not forget to set a unique chandelier or set a unique vase of flowers there to make your bathroom more incredible. For the lighting, you can set the white bright light with some decorations to trims your unique bathroom.