Unique Contemporary Home Style For Amazing Modern Home Design

Modern era makes people want to build contemporary home style. Contemporary home design needs high creativity from the designers. They have to make the design as unique as possible. Every part of the home is designed carefully for producing perfect home design. The unusual modern design is created for satisfying to the owner. The owner will be proud if they stay inside the home. One of modern home style is home that is designed by Rajiv Saini and Associates Studio on Rishikesh House Project. This wonderful home is located in Dehradun, India.

This modern exterior design has very unique design. Contemporary home style design is created by creative design. We will be confused about the home shape. It has unusual shape entire the house. Stranger and stylish design is striking in the top roof front the home. Modern glass window is in line front the house. This glass window reflects the shadow from surrounding. In the noon we can’t see the inside of the home. We only can see the glossy blue window. Opposite at night, the glass window will show all the elegance of interior design. It looks like the display home. Located among green plant this modern home is striking among the natural element.

Like from outside, interior design of this home has powerful unique sense. Wooden boards are applied in line from the ceiling to the floor. Between the boards there are spaces for decorating interior design. These boards are arranging carefully for producing amazing effect. Wooden material is dominating in the modern interior design. Wooden is used for giving natural sense into the house. Natural atmosphere give optimize relaxation to the home.

Stylish unique home design is popular in the modern lifestyle. Because of unique design can give comfortable and enjoyable living. Every people want to enjoy and feel comfort on their home. Unusual modern home style design can be elegant and luxurious design.