Victorian House Style: Classic and Modern

If you want to have a house that looks like a house in a fairy tales, here is the house that will really perfect if you try to obtain the Victorian house style. The house is really old style but still have a beautiful sense as an old style house. The Victorian houses nowadays come through the innovations and has so many types from the original Victorian house till the modern Victorian house. The house’s roof that usually comes in a cone and prism is really beautiful as the old style house.

The characteristics of the house are really suitable for your old style taste. The colors of the house that you can obtain there is come variously, you can just match it with your taste and the land there. You can build it in various types and shape depends on your considerations of house and your sense of beauty. Victorian house usually come with the additional engravings ornament that trims in the edge of the roofs or in the rails in the porch. Moreover the house usually has a large and spacious garden that covered by the grass.
Classic Victorian House

If you try to obtain the classic one, you have to build it in a spacious land with the beautiful flowery garden and in the colorful house wall paint. The houses usually come in two stories, not less or more. Then the windows usually appear in a long shape with sectional window panes. The white windows pane is the best colors for it, because all colors can be combined with white color perfectly. Then the sense of Victorian house will felt if there are any engravings and ornament in the edge of the roof.
Modern Victorian House

Then if you love to have the modern Victorian house, you can build it in any land, small and spacious will be really matched with it. If you get the spacious one you can make the Victorian house sense through the beautiful flowery garden or the prism or cone roof that covered by the dark or black roof. Then if you try to obtain the modern one, just left the ornament and trim it with the colors that has the same shade from the rails to the roof.