Walk in Closet IKEA for Modern Classic Design

My husband felt bored to the old closet, and then he planned to build bigger closet, so he found walk in closet IKEA design. He was really interested in that idea. He planned to create the new closet adopting the inspiration. Before he went further, he told me that he wanted to draw the plan first. He asked me to build the separated closet or one combined closet. After calculating the budget, combined closet had the cheaper budget to build. Of course, we decided to have combined closet.
What to List

Then, my husband started to list what he needs to build the closet. He took priority on top. He listed the furniture to place. Before that, he discussed about the theme with me. I told him to build the simple minimalist theme. Yet, he thought that the theme is usual and ordinary. He wanted to have more specific theme. Then, he found a modern classic theme after searching for the inspiration. Then, he wanted to place the wide closet on the both side. The first side is for him and the other is for me.
What to Decorate

After listing the furniture to place, he bought brown wooden closet for him. He added the glass drawers there. Then, he placed the white classic closet for me. He made more white drawers for my side. He also added the shoes shelves on both sides. He installed a wide mirror on my side. Moreover, he added the brown single sofa in the middle of the walk in closet. This sofa is useful to sit when my husband or I wear the shoes. To make the closet more spacious, my husband integrated the glass sliding door there.
Moreover, I personally like the idea of big closet. My husband could realize this closet for sure. To make more convenient, my husband added the brown rug under the sofa. He also did not forget to put rounded centre lamp to enlighten the closet. More than that, the walk in closet is the brilliant idea if someone has more stuff regarding to clothes and shoes. This closet could also beautify the house as hidden room.