Wall Color Ideas Shown in the Public Space

I visited my friend’s house last couple days, and then I was interested in her wall color ideas. She combined the theme and the color with good proportion. She created the room actually by contrasting the colors. She tried to make a unique combination with her creation. When we were in high school, she likes playing with colors. Moreover, she likes art subject. So, it was not really strange for me that she could create the home design like that. More than that, I was really happy when she invited me there.
Looking at the Living Room

When I arrived in my friend’s house, my friend greeted me very friendly. She entertained me in the living room. There, I was amazed to the design including the color ideas. The question came up in my mind. I saw the contrasted color combination. The strange thing was that the combination does not look strange. It looked very harmony and modern. She combined the orange bold on a side, whereas white on the other side. She put the green rug under the grey leather sofas. She installed the antique steel chandelier to create the atmosphere.
Looking at Dining Room and Kitchen

Going inside to the house, I saw the kitchen and the dining room. She tried to create the fresh atmosphere in her kitchen. Then, she applied the yellow bold paint to the kitchen. She put the steel kitchen cabinets and kitchen counters. It has successfully created the fresh atmosphere. Like the meaning of yellow color, its color creates the intelligence and fresh atmosphere. It can also set the mood to cook delicious food.

In front of the kitchen, I saw the dining room. Yet, the dining room has different theme from the kitchen. It was featured with wooden dining table set. My friend applied the dark purple floral wallpaper. She added the white ball lantern chandelier above the dining table. I thought that she could create the new atmosphere to the room. She created the atmosphere to increase the appetite. When I was sitting there, I could feel very homey and shady at once.