When Kitchen Ambiance Meet Vintage Kitchen Tables

If you want the different sense in your modern ambiance kitchen, you can just simply put the vintage kitchen tables there. Actually not only the kitchen tables, but you can also put the other vintage furniture there like the vintage dining table, chairs dining table and the other stuffs that might help you to obtain the vintage look in your kitchen and dining room. Remember that vintage usually come in various sense like the modern vintage sense and classic vintage sense. The sense will be really felt if you can choose the right stuffs for the kitchen and the dining room.

The vintage look for kitchen and the dining room is really easy to obtain through the furniture and the shade there. The wall color, the wallpaper, the floor or even the window panes that exist become trimmings in the kitchen and the dining room. You can also trim the vintage look there with a vase of flowers or the fabrics stuffs like table cloth and the curtains. You can easily trim the kitchen with those stuffs and make it into the sense that you want.
Classic Vintage Kitchen Ideas

To obtaining mood in the kitchen you can set the colors and shade before you can lay the furniture there. If you try to obtain the vintage mood, you can set the wall in the warm colors like ivory, cream, soft brown, terracotta, amber, scarlet or the other warm colors. Then you can set the floor in a white or just in a marble. After the wall and the floor are obtained, you can lay the furniture that has classic look for vintage category. The one that made of wood and the one that rich of engraving will really suitable for the classic vintage mood.
Modern Vintage Kitchen Ideas

If you try to obtain the modern look for the vintage kitchen, you can start to obtain the simple stuffs that will represent the modern look of the kitchen, then for the vintage mood you can obtain it from the wooden stuffs and the fabric stuffs like the table cloth and the curtain that has a lot of details like lace or embroidery. The lace and embroidery is really matched to show the vintage mood in the modern sense there.