White and Grey Kitchen Ideas for Its Fanatic Color

Kitchen becomes the center of attention in a house, so my friend tried to find the great design for her kitchen, and then she found the white and grey kitchen. Some people said that kitchen will represent who the home owner is. My friend believed in that philosophy. Then, she wanted to apply the unique design. She did not want the usual and ordinary design. Yet, she wanted to use her favorite colors for white and grey. She told me that those colors bring the bright ambiance to the room.
What My Friend Does

To realize what she wants, my friend decided the priority. She wanted to save her budget. Then, she calculated all the things for the efficient sale. She wanted to buy the major element for the kitchen. She planned to buy kitchen cabinets, kitchen counters, kitchen shelves, kitchen islands, and dining table set. She wanted to get the efficient kitchen design as well. Moreover, she also planned the decoration and the kitchen appliances set to her kitchen.
Setting the Kitchen

First thing, my friend installed the European white kitchen cabinets. Like other typical European style, the kitchen cabinets have smooth surface paint. Then, it has luxury look. Then, my friend put the L kitchen counter. This shape would facilitate my friend to serve the meal. After that, she placed the dark grey kitchen islands in the centre of the kitchen. Above this island, she put the square kitchen chimney. On the other hands, she wanted to give accent to neutralize the white and grey theme. She put yellow kitchen shelves and red painting. More than that, she added white ball chandelier above the island.

My friend wanted to create the good ventilation, so she build wide glass sliding door. Then, she built the kitchen bench seating with storages. Yet, she did felt that there is something missing in the kitchen design. Then, she added the green lime floral wallpaper. It was true that it becomes the complement. Of course, she placed the wooden dining set in front of the island. It will strengthen the kitchen theme. Moreover, she also put the small plant pot to make the atmosphere fresher.