Wine Kitchen Décor to Get the New Kitchen

My aunt is looking for new kitchen decoration, and then she finds wine kitchen décor. She does look the design because she wants to build a kitchen like a bar. Then, she is interested in that kitchen design. She likes wine very much. Almost every day dinner, she serves wine on the table. Moreover, her kids have grown to adults. Then, she plans to renovate her kitchen as she wishes it for long time. She thinks that this is the time that she can realize her dream kitchen.
What to Place

Kitchen design will not be easy. Moreover, it is a specific kitchen design. Of course, my aunt thinks it twice. She should maintain the furniture for her kitchen. She makes the list. She places the cabinets, counter, and other storage there. Surely, she only chooses the suitable furniture for her kitchen. Since this kitchen is her dream, she does all the things to complete the kitchen. Moreover, she draws the layout by herself.
Decorate the Kitchen

After she lists the priority to set the kitchen, she starts to place the furniture and decoration. It can be done after she bought all the stuff. Starting with the kitchen cabinets, she chose glass kitchen cabinets. Then, she likes to grill or bake, so she placed the wooden oven cabinets. She put the square marble kitchen counter in front of the kitchen cabinets. To make the accent, she installed wine pictured backsplash combined with steel backsplash. Obviously, she did not forget the wine. She made the special storage for her favorite. She built the wooden wine cellar in the basement. Then, she would put the ready served wine in the wine steel storage.

More about her wine kitchen, she wanted to place the wine glass appearing as decoration in the kitchen. So, she put the steel hanging rack for place the wine glass and the other stuff there. She did not forget to place the dining table as the place to gather the family. She chose brown marble dining table with five chairs. To strengthen the wine theme, my aunt made the wine tree wall decoration. It could hang the empty wine bottles. Then, she put the yellow lantern chandelier to create warm atmosphere.