Wooden Cabinets for Mother’s Kitchen

My mother wanted to find new cabinets, and then my cousin suggested her to buy wooden cabinets. My cousin recommended her the great quality cabinets. Moreover, my cousin is the kitchen designer. Of course, she knew this subject very well. My mother, then, preferred to ask my cousin helps. My mother told what she wants to the cabinets. Then, she also mentioned the budgets for buying the cabinets. My cousin suggested to the design as well.
Get the Plan

My mother asked a help from my cousin for sure. She told to my cousin that she wants to finish and complete the kitchen soon. Therefore, she asked my cousin to arrange the plan. After several days, my cousin came to our house. She has listed the cabinet designs and styles. The designs and styles are like classic rustic, red framed cabinet, white cabinet, modern cabinets, etc. I saw the other lists from my cousin. She showed us the cabinets with glass door. I could see the frosted glass or the clear glass for the door. It has the disadvantage and advantage at once.
Choose the Design

My mother has decided to apply the modern look for the kitchen. It was shown in the choice of the cabinets. She preferred to have cabinets with frosted glass. She also completed the cabinets to other kitchen furniture. She wanted to put the kitchen counter in front of the cabinets. Moreover, she also added a cupboard with many drawers. Why she chose that, it is because she wanted to have enough storage for the kitchen appliances. She wanted to add the specific cabinets into her kitchen. She bought bottle and cutleries cupboard. More than that, she wanted to add the brown oven cabinets to perfect the kitchen.

More about the design for the kitchen, my cousin would help my mother to maintain the kitchen especially the cabinets. Then, my mother asked my cousin to draw the layout. My cousin, of course, offered for several layouts. Hence, I have seen the layout chosen by my mother. She wanted to place the cabinets rounded the kitchen. Then, the cupboard was in the side of the cabinets. In the middle of kitchen, she put the kitchen counter. Therefore, she was very delightful having the kitchen.