Wooden Garage Doors to Window Illusion Design

My father wants to build a garage, so a friend of him recommends building wooden garage doors. Still, my father does not want the ordinary door for his new garage. He wants the extraordinary look. Then, my father starts to find a style that is suitable for the new garage. First, he looks for the design that can be applied to the house. Second, he calculates the budgets in order to not spending more than the prepared budgets. Apart from all those things, he wants to beautify the house as well.
Choosing the Style

My father is a kind of perfectionist person. Hence, he wants everything to arrange. Then, he makes the plan just only for building the garage. He starts to list the styles that can be adjusted to the home design. Once he has already found the style, he will realize that thing. He tells me that he found the style. He wants to apply the window illusion garage door. This design will encompass the illusion of the doors. The doors will have window design like a fa├žade of the house. It will not like a usual garage door. If you do not open it, you will not know that this is the garage door.
Things to Decorate

After my father decide the style of garage door, my father goes to the other things. He thinks about the decoration. He wants to feature the door with windows. Then, he also looks for the window style as well. His attention focuses on fan windows. He wants to build the window for that style. Moreover, he adds the wall lamps to two sides of garage door. In addition, he adds the flower arrangement to beautify the look. To create the shady atmosphere, my father builds plant canopy with vines on it.

Furthermore, he wants to paint the garage door adjusted to the house color scheme. On the other hands, he tries to add the frame in the garage door. He adds the cemented pattern frame to strengthen the theme that he has chosen. More than that, he adds the natural stone to build the structure. Hence, he will build the gorgeous garage door ever.