Wooden Kitchen Set to Renovate New Kitchen

My mother in law wanted to renovate her old kitchen, and then she wanted to change all in wooden kitchen set. Although wooden set will create the traditional atmosphere, she wanted that her kitchen will look warm to everyone. Hence, she likes to put the wood material to her kitchen. Moreover, her old kitchen has major wood material to feature all her kitchen. Yet, she still wanted to apply the wood to her new kitchen later. Of course, she asked me to help her.
The Main Element in Kitchen

My mother in law has been accustomed to designing a kitchen. She designed the old kitchen by herself. Why it is so, she told me that designing and arranging the furniture and the appliances by you will give a feeling of satisfaction. I thought what she said about that. Personally I agreed to my mother in law. My mother told me to choose the major element to complete the kitchen. It is kitchen cabinets. She chose the polished cabinets featured with cemented countertops. Then, she also put multifunctional cupboard aside the cabinets. This stuff will help her with large storage.
Arranging the Others

After choosing the cabinets and cupboard, my mother in law chose the dark marble kitchen islands to put it in the middle of kitchen. In front of it, she placed the traditional dining table with benches. Moreover, she tried to decorate the kitchen to have theme combination for modern and traditional. She built a large glass window with wooden high ceiling in the side of natural brick wall. She also built the window benches to enjoy the sunlight. To sharpen the wood element, she put wooden floor. On the contrary, she added the grey backsplash to neutralize the wood element.

The funny thing of the kitchen was that she put the playful kitchen kit for children. Here, she wanted to create the relationship between her and her granddaughters. Then, she could also monitor her granddaughter when she was cooking a meal. Anyway, she told me that another important thing was lighting effect. Then, she put elegant crystal chandelier in the middle of classic chandelier. However, she added the large centre lamp to give more lighting.