Amazing Teenage Rooms Inspiring a Teenage Girl Bedroom

My older brother wanted to add a bedroom for her younger daughter because she has grown up to be a teenage girl, so he wanted to build one of the amazing teenage rooms. He had the obsession long time ago. It was because he only has a daughter and he loves her very much. My niece is a kind of daddy girl, so she needs her father’s help much in doing her activity including picking her up in the school. My older brother actually is too spoiled his youngest children for sure. Anyway, he started to arrange the design.
Starting the Plan

My older brother asked my niece what kind of room that she wants. My niece just told him to make the comfortable room for her. My older brother told to her daughter that he will dig his creativity to design the room. Hence, my niece cannot say no for the design. My older brother insisted his daughter to not involve in the room design. He said that he wants to give her daughter a surprise. Of course, my niece cannot wait the surprise from her daddy.
Arranging and Setting the Plan

My older brother has got the agreement from his daughter. Then, he looked for the furniture first for the room. Yet, he wanted to pick the color scheme. He chose the brown wall color for the room. Then, he could adjust the furniture. He placed the white bed frame in the room. He set the white television cabinets aside the bed. He placed the red wall bookshelves hanging on the wall. He also placed the white and black cabinets. Her daughter can use the cabinet for wardrobe and the storage as well.

Furthermore, my older brother wanted to place the room decorations. He began with arranging the lighting system. He wanted to create the girly room. Hence, he placed peach ball lantern hanging lamps above the bed. He also placed the red rug near the bed. Since I heard my older brother’s story, I was wondering how his daughter’s room looks like. Then, I came to his house. I saw that my niece is very happy and surely it is an amazing bedroom for a teenage girl.