Aquascaping Designs for the Beginner

I visited my colleague last Sunday, and then I found that he is one of the fish lovers because he has built one of the aquascaping designs. This kind of designs is usually applied to the aquarium. Whatever the aquarium size, the aquascape will look always gorgeous. I thought also the similar thing when I saw my colleague’s aquarium. He could arrange the aquarium seemed more natural. Moreover, he added the beautiful fishes there. I could not close my eyes when looking at the aquarium. I felt more relax when looking at it.
The Concept of the Aquarium

I was really interested to know more about the concept of aquascaping. Of course, I dared myself to ask him for sure. I asked him about the aquascaping. Just few people might know about the aquascaping. Many people might know that the aquascaping is only the ordinary design for an aquarium. Yet, my colleague said that this kind of design needs the special tricks and tips. My colleague wanted to teach me more about this. Then, he told me the things that I should bring to try the aquascaping.
Trial to Build One

I prepared the things that my colleague told to me. He told me to bring the tank or aquarium, filter, lighting, fertilizer, the plants, and the rock. That day, he wanted to show me how to make the iwagumi aquascape designs. This design is the most popular design for the beginner. This design uses few rocks inside and two or more kinds of plants. It is a kind of easy design. Then, he started to get the sand placed in the aquarium as the base of the construction.

Then, my colleague set the rocks above the sand. He placed the plants between the rocks. He placed the plants like grass inside. After all have set, he poured the water into the aquarium. He, then, placed the fish there. He said that I can choose the various fishes. He recommended getting the colorful fishes like blue fish. It would make the aquarium more colorful and lively. On the other hands, he said to arrange the air regulation in the water to keep the oxygen and CO2 level.