Walk in Closet Designs for Man in Classic Theme

My older sister wanted to build a new walk in closet for her husband, so that she looked for walk in closet designs. Previously, she has built the closet for herself. She wanted to build the similar closet for her husband. She saw that her husband stuff has over from the boxes. More than that, she should find the theme for a man closet. Therefore, she looked for the design. She, then, wanted to ask her husband too.
Looking for the Theme

When my older sister asked her husband, her husband just told her about the simple theme. My older sister caught the meaning that she can get the free theme for the man closet. She, then, wanted to find the right theme for her husband. In addition, she wanted to equal the theme like hers. My older sister has the theme for classic design. She had the consideration why she chose the theme. She wanted to get the good proportion for the closet. It was because her husband’s closet would be placed near my older sister’s closet.
Setting the Closet

My older sister wanted to get the similar theme as hers. She had the classic theme for her closet. Then, she chose the brown wooden open closet for the main furniture. She also placed the brown wooden cabinets in the middle of the closet. She set the cream carpet under the closet. Then, she wanted to get separate room from hers. She installed the glass sliding door for her husband’s closet. She also placed the unique pattern sofa near the cabinets. It could be used for sitting when her husband is wearing the shoes.

Shortly, my older sister wanted to build a new closet for her husband. She wanted to use the similar theme as her closet. She wanted to get the classic design. She wanted to get the furniture for wood material. She also put the additional decorations. She put the large mirror there. She also set the lighting. She installed the hidden lamps and the white sitting lamp to strengthen the classic theme. Anyway, she told me that her husband was satisfied to her creation.