Computer Furniture Design for New Branch Office

My brother in law wanted to build a new office for his company branch, so that he looked for computer furniture design. Every time he wanted to build a new office, he wanted to build in different theme. Of course, it would be featured by different furniture and decorations. The typical office has the computer desk as the center of attention. He wanted to get the different style to this his new office. Moreover, he would have for about a hundred employees there. He should make efficient space of the room.
Looking for the Design

My brother in law looked for the efficient design. Hence, his employees could place their stuff in the computer desk. He wanted to get the computer desk for two or three employees. Then, it would get cheaper budget as well. He should get the right and suitable computer desk. The meaning of right and suitable was about having the right design and affordable price. Of course, every company has its own expenditure for building the new office. This problem includes the operational budgets.
Arranging the Office Layout

After having many considerations, my brother in law wanted to move to the other step. He should choose the computer desk including the decorations. He also should maintain the layout of the office. Before placing the furniture and the decorations, my brother in law should paint the wall first. He should choose the color scheme for the office. When my brother in law told me the plan, I told him to paint the neutral color. Therefore, he chose the grey stone color for the office. This color would allow him to place various design and color of computer desk.

After finishing the paint problem, my brother in law chose the wooden computer desk for two people in the corner of the office. He also placed the black office chairs there. Moreover, he still has the more space in the middle of the room. Then, he placed brown round computer desk for four people. This desk made the space efficiently. To create the convenient atmosphere, he installed the wooden floor. I thought that the office would look very comfort for the employees in the future.