Bathroom Backsplash Ideas for Public Space

My husband wanted to make the other bathroom for the public place, so that my husband looked for the bathroom backsplash ideas. He knows that there are various backsplashes. There are smooth tiles and ornamented or graved tiles for the bathroom. The bathroom backsplashes are usually installed in the wall and the floor. Apart from the pattern, the backsplashes have various colors. Hence, people can choose the favorite color and pattern for their bathroom. My husband also considered this condition to choose the idea.
Finding the Idea

My husband discussed the idea with me. He told me to choose the theme for the bathroom. The bathroom would be located near the kitchen because it is for the public place. Even though the bathroom would be for the people, my husband thought that this place should have unique design especially the bathroom backsplash. Looking at the house concept, I told my husband to get the similar theme. It was considered to get good proportion and well design. Hence, my husband paid attention for this matter. He did not want to get careless design for the bathroom.
After Finding the Idea

My husband got the idea for the bathroom. My husband placed the grey marble bath up in the corner of the bathroom. Then, he placed glass bathroom counter for the twin white wash-basin. He also set the square mirrors above the counter. He did not forget to install the black plaid tiles for the floor. Meanwhile, he planned to paint the wall in white color. To make the shower more convenient, he placed the glass shower bath instead of curtain. He set the white water closet facing to the bath up to get efficient room space.

Furthermore, he wanted to decorate the bathroom with the details. He installed the towel handler aside the bathroom counter. Then, my husband placed the glass vase on the wash-basin. He tried to create greener atmosphere to the bathroom. Moreover, I have seen the result of the bathroom. He did very well in designing. He could create the combination of the backsplash and the other bathroom furniture and fixtures.