Battery Operated Table Lamps for Every Types of Room

My aunt is kind of a battery operated table lamps collector. My aunt has her own interest in the unique table lamp every types, every colors, every design she like to have it just for the decoration in her house. From the modern and simple look table lamps to the classic vintage table lamps, she keeps it in her luxurious house. Then the most unique from her house is every room has its own theme. Like her bedroom that come in modern look and she put her glass leg minimalist look table lamps in her small table beside her bed.

After the modern bedroom, she also has a vintage living room. The living room trimmed by the antique stuffs and the motives fabric stuffs. Then she put the classic look white round cup blue flower decoration table lamp with a golden hue in the small table in the corner of the room near the bookshelf. Not only that, but she also put the brass detailed leg classic table lamp there to give the vintage look a beautiful touch there. She really loves the vintage look. Then the room that also come in vintage are the also the dining room and the porch.
Vintage Living Room Table Lamp

Then for her vintage dining room she put the sweet vintage table lamps there. The lamp is come in a black cup colors and the leaves motives in it. For the leg, it is consisting of the beautiful imitation gemstones that come in black and white. Then for the base the lamp come in a black glass round base with the stainless steel plate in the middle. Not only that, the color of the bulb can be changed as the mood. If my aunt wants the brighter sense she just set the bulb in a white and if it is not really needed she just changed it in a yellow one.
Vintage Porch Table Lamp

The table lamps that set in the porch are come really classically. The bulb is colored magenta but the holder come in a glass and the copper look that really vintage and beautiful to be blend with the vintage look of the porch perfectly. She set four lamps there. Then the sense there become so sweet and nice in the night as the lamps is switched on. I can imagine when I have a candle light dinner there with the lamps that will be really sweet.