Beautiful Small Bathrooms with Window Sight Bath Up

A lot of beautiful small bathroom I ever saw. Most of them decorated by the window sight that really made me enjoy the window sight while I was bathing there. Even though the bathroom is small, but the window sights always make it beautiful twice more. I awarded the beautiful bathroom in a small space to my aunt’s apartment, my granny’s farm house, and my home stay when I was in Japan for my college research. Three of them have a really magnificent window sight, even though the bathroom is small.

The window sight is really beautiful. The beautiful of the sight each place is different. My aunt’s apartment has the best night city light view from there, and then it was really suitable before sleep hot bubble bath. Then my granny’s farm house provided me the beautiful Mountain View that really magnificent for the morning hot bath. Then the last is my home stay’s bathroom that provided me the beautiful flower garden view from the windows bathroom.
Night City Light View Window Sight Bathroom

My aunt’s apartment is located in fourth floor then the city light view from there is really beautiful at night. I do really love the sparkling of the car’s light in the road from there the noise of the cars that came and faded out, that was really lovely. I know the bathroom is not really spacious but when I enjoy the scenery of the city light from there the small space seems become spacious. Moreover the setting there make the small space look not really noticed. The white wall and the white floor really combined to the white bath up perfectly.
Flower Garden View Window Sight Bathroom

Even though the bathroom in my home stays is really small, but the setting there make it look not really small. The cream marble wall that trimmed with the blue tile backsplash with two sinks makes it really minimalist and simple. Moreover the bath up the place close to the windows that made me really easy to obtain the beautiful flower garden view from there. When I took a bath in the spring, I can easily enjoy the fragrance of the flowers perfectly from there, really magnificent.