Bedroom Design Differently Integrated in a House

I would spend my holiday in my uncle’s house, and then I found the various bedroom designs in his house. My uncle has two sons and a daughter. Then, all of them still live together with their parents. I myself am the only child, so that I like staying in my uncle’s house. I could meet and play with my cousins. This holiday, my parents went abroad to have the business trip. Hence, I was there for the holiday. Moreover, I could explore the rooms in the house anyway.
The Interesting Parts of the House

When I arrived in my uncle’s house, my uncle told me to stay in the guest room. He helped me bringing my luggage. Before that, my uncle allowed me to choose the guest room because there are two guest rooms. Those two guest rooms have different bedroom design. Then, I entered one by one. The first room has brown bed frame with cream single sofas near the bed. Then, the second room has black bed frame with dark brown rug under the bed. However, I chose the second option.
My Cousin’s Room

I am kind on my uncle’s daughter. My cousin asked me to play in her room that afternoon. I entered her room. The room has not changed yet since I was there last time. I still saw the grey steel bed frame with bend legs. I also saw the green rug in front of the bed. Moreover, I saw the cream and coffee brown paint to the wall. My uncle placed the black and white stripped pouf there. Moreover, the room has black wooden cabinets to keep my cousin’s stuff. My cousin added the small circle mirrors on the wall.

Furthermore, my uncle and his daughter designed the room together as my cousin said to me previously. The thing that can catch my attention much in the room is the rain drop decoration. They hang on the ceiling. In addition, the hanging decorations are beatified by hidden lamps on the ceiling. Hence, the lamps show the silhouette in the room. However, it was just one of my cousins’ rooms. I have not explained the other rooms yet. Maybe it will be next time.