Bedroom Design Ideas for Couples Adjusted to Cream Wall Paint

I visited my sister in law last month when she renovated her bedroom by applying one of the bedroom design ideas for couples. I met her in her house that time. She was busy to maintain the people who helped her to place the furniture. That time is the holiday, so that she utilized the day to make the new face of her master bedroom. She has married to my older brother for about ten years. Then, it was the third times that she changed the bedroom design.
What to Change

My sister in law called me to join the lunch when the people took a lunch break as well. I walked to my sister in law. I have not greeted her well while she was busy to place the furniture. Actually I went to her house because I wanted to spend my holiday there. On the other hands, I asked my sister how she can have the amazing bedroom. I saw the second previous bedroom design were incredible. My sister in law then told me that she usually changes the color of the wall first before deciding the other furniture.
Looking at the Design

In the afternoon, the master bedroom has finished. My sister asked me to see the bedroom, so that I could see the differences. I looked at the paint first. My sister in law applied the cream paint for the wall. I saw the black wooden bed frame there. I also saw the white bed bench in front of the bed. Then, she placed the small white cabinets aside the bed. Moreover, my sister in law thought to have the black wooden vanity table with mirror next to the bed.

In addition, my sister in law put the white bookshelves near the bed. Hence, my sister in law and her husband could reach the bookshelves easily. Furthermore, she placed the white cupboard for the clothes. Then, she placed the white rug to decorate the bedroom. She also placed the white blinds instead of the curtain because she told me that they can be clean easily than the curtains. However, the bedroom design is much better than the previous bedroom design.