Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas for Girls in Pink Rose

My niece asked my sister to give her a new room, and then she told my sister that she wants to apply the bedroom wallpaper ideas for girls in her room. Since my niece was child, she likes painting and playing with colors. Hence, she wanted to make the room colorful. It is not strange to my sister. Actually my niece asked the room since she was in elementary school, but now she is in junior high school. It was the right time to get the transition as my sister said to me.
What to Place in the Bedroom

My sister asked her daughter what to be placed in her bedroom. My niece mentioned some furniture for her bedroom. She told my sister that the things she mentioned are her major needs in the bedroom. Then, the rest of the stuff can be designed by my sister. My niece mentioned the bed, the poufs, the cabinets, and a small table aside the bed. She also mentioned the desk for the room. Of course, she is a student.
Setting the Layout

My sister has bought everything last time. She then placed the furniture as the layout that she has drawn before. She placed the white bed frame there. She added the crown headboard on the bed. She placed the pink rose wallpaper behind the bed. Then, she added the peach wallpaper for the rest of the wall. She placed the white desk with white chair next to the bed. My sister then placed small white side bed table there. To satisfy her daughter, she added the silver hearth mirror on the wall.

More than that, my sister placed the red cabinets as the storage. As my niece’s request, my sister put several colorful poufs near the bed. Moreover, my sister also added the purple sofa to be comfort reading place. In addition, my sister maintained the lighting system for the room. She placed the white unique sitting lamp above the side bed table. She also placed ball curved lantern hanging lamp. To make the room more convenient, my sister placed the round red carpet. Therefore, the room looks very beautiful now.